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Genesis Fisher

Fisher Law Practice, P.C.

Brooklyn, NY

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Genesis Fisher is the founder of Fisher Law Practice, P.C., which provides mediation, one-on-one conflict coaching, and conflict resolution training. Her innovative Organization Partnership program provides onsite conflict resolution support for businesses, helping them retain talented employees and side-step costly litigation. FLP also offers boutique criminal defense for those seeking experience and discretion. Genesis is an adjunct professor at New York Law School. She graduated from Smith College and New York University School of Law. After law school, she worked at the Southern Poverty... Read more
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Divorce and Separation
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Ms. Fisher is an exceptional litigator. During her time as a criminal defense attorney, she fiercely advocated for clients. She is thoughtful and meticulous. Her hard work and diligence as a lawyer has earned her the respect of colleagues, judges and even her adversaries.

Bharati Narumanchi

I recommend Genesis Fisher.

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New York 2007 ACTIVE

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Professional Experience

New York Law School

Adjunct Professor 2014 - Present

Legal Aid Society

Trial Attorney 2008 - 2016

Southern Poverty Law Center

Legal Fellow 2006 - 2008

Washington Legal Clinic for the Homeless

Coordinator of Volunteers 2000 - 2003


Smith College

B.A.Graduated in 2000

New York University School of Law

J.D.Graduated in 2006
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Fisher Law Practice, P.C.

195 Montague Street
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Custody and Visitation Agreements for Non-traditional Families

Let's talk about legal custody, physical custody, and create a detailed visitation plan.

Employment Mediation

Skilled mediation for employment discrimination lawsuits

Business and Organizational Conflict Resolution

Regular, scheduled onsite services, including Mediation and Conflict Coaching. Workplace conflicts can lead to formal complaints or lawsuits. Work related conflict can start start as a disagreement between employees or an allegation of unequal treatment. As Columbia Law Professor Vivian Berger addressed in "Respect in Mediation: A Counter to Disrespect in the Workplace," perceived disrespect and demeaning treatment can start a path leading to formal complaints and lawsuits. Non-work related issues, such as substance abuse and domestic violence, can also have an intense impact on work environments. Often a small group of employees try to manage these issues in secret to protect an employee's privacy. But when the problem becomes to large to contain, the fallout often hurts the whole department or organization. We provide a range of conflict resolution services. Scheduled, onsite mediation and conflict coaching. Scheduled, offsite services at my office near Wall Street. Emergency sessions for urgent matters. Workplace presentations: Communication techniques to facilitate better dialogue between employees. Conflict management techniques to maximize effective interactions with your client population. Let's talk about how this program can help your employees.

Domestic Worker Mediation and Agreements

Do any of these sound familiar? I need to hire a nanny, but I want to sit down with her to work out the details. How do I do that while minimizing the power differences? My father just had a heart attack and needs a home health aid attendant. Dad is very defensive and manipulative! I want all of us to and talk about what's expected of her and us. Could a third party come do it? There have been some serious problems since the nanny started. Issues like these often end up in court. But we pay in cash and want to avoid the court system. We also want to keep this private. Where can we get confidential help to create an agreement that will settle everything? Try mediation! A mediator can help by facilitating group discussions and raising the tough questions. Hammer out details like sick leave, vacation pay, and which circumstances authorize deductions. Talk about emotional concerns such as how to deal with a loved one and walk through potential emergencies and how to respond. The process affords space for both sides to raise concerns. And, a formal written agreement avoids future misunderstandings.

One on One Conflict Resolution Coaching

Every conflict is a story. And the best way to write the next chapter is to fully understand what had transpired: history, context, individual experience, and the dynamics at play. “Conflict Coaching is a process in which a coach and client communicate one-on-one for the purpose of developing the client’s conflict-related understanding, interaction strategies, and interaction skills.” Conflict Coaching; Conflict Management Strategies and Skills for the Individual, Jones and Brinkert, 2008, p4-5. 1. The process uncovers new details and dynamics. We not only discuss the history of the conflict from yours and others’ perspectives, we also delve into identity, emotion, and power dynamics. You may come in with a snapshot of what’s going on, but you’ll leave with a 3-D model. 2. Emphasis on tailored skills development. The individual attention creates custom solutions for handling important interpersonal communication. 3. Conflict Coaching is a wonderful pre-mediation tool. Mediation is wonderful for facilitating group communication, but sometimes walking into a hostility-filled room isn’t the best first step. A one-on-one discussion can help an individual explore the impact of the conflict and crystallize what they want to get from the mediation. 4. It’s not just for wealthy CEOs anymore. For decades, organizations have been investing in executive coaching to facilitate better interpersonal, team, and organizational communication. But you don’t have to manage a multi-million dollar company to reap the benefits. Individuals like you and me grapple with issues that have tremendous impact on our lives. And we can use the same process to discover our best options and get to where we want to be.

Criminal Defense

I help people who have been accused of a crime, fight their case, and get great results. One mistake shouldn't ruin someone's life. It's best to call as soon as you hear about a complaint or as soon as you have contact with the police.