Litigation Paralegal Support


Paralegal support services for business, intellectual property, and civil litigation.

What is included?

  • Overall case management and development
  • Court filings (e.g., CM/ECF)
  • Proofing and finalizing legal documentation
  • Drafting, analyzing, and finalizing pleadings, motions, discovery, responses, settlements, and more
  • Reviewing and analyzing cases and making recommendations to the supervising attorney
  • Performing factual research, document collection, and preparation
  • Proofreading, formatting, cite-checking, and table prep
  • Indexing
  • Preparing chronologies from deposition testimony, discovery documents, and other factual records
  • Hyperlinked briefs/e-briefs
  • Preparing document productions
  • Conducting document reviews
  • Managing document organization
  • Redacting
  • Bates-stamping
  • Assisting with deposition prep
  • Summarizing deposition transcripts
  • Reviewing, indexing, organizing, analyzing, and summarizing documents produced by other parties
  • Preparing electronic trial and exhibit notebooks
  • Exhibit preparation
  • Preparing and indexing key pleadings notebook, including cited authorities
  • Preparing witness files